Buderus Gas Condensing Boilers

Unlike conventional gas appliances, Buderus GB series boilers have the ability to modulate burner output, and utilize latent heat from flue gas condensation to increase energy efficiency and save money. All while providing a more consistent level of warmth and comfort in any home.
The new generation of our gas condensing boilers are designed to recover heat energy that is discharged into the flue and return it to the heat exchanger for maximum efficiency.
Make Buderus gas condensing boilers the solution to your heating needs!

Buderus SSB

  • 96% AFUE Efficiency
  • 316L Stainless steel water tube heat exchanger design
  • Extremely quiet operation; as low as 44 dB
  • 3 sizes with inputs of: 85, 120 and 160 MBH
  • Consistent design for all SSB models provides ease of installation in all applications
  • On-board controls including outdoor reset
  • 10-year limited warranty, 5-year parts & labor


  • Designed for Stand-Alone or Cascade Applications
  • Ultra-High Efficiencies
  • Ideal for Commercial Buildings and Light, Large Scale Residential Projects
  • Unique Manifold for Easy, Consistent Installation of Single Units or Cascades
  • Cascades Kit Options up to 8 Boilers Max.
  • Common Venting Options Up to 4 Boilers


  • 95% AFUE Efficiency
  • Whisper Quiet - Enclosed Housing
  • *5-Year Parts and Labor Warranty for residential applications with registration
  • Low-Loss Header manifold for quick and trouble free installations
  • Advanced easy to use control system
  • 4 Models with Inputs from: 84,800 to 214,800 BTU/Hr


  • High Efficiency—92.5% Thermal Efficiency
  • Modulating Natural Gas Pre-mix Burner for Extremely Quiet Operation
  • Lightweight, High Performance Aluminium Heat Exchanger for Maximum Heat Transfer
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • 305 to 944 MBH Output: 4 Models Available

Logamatic EMS Control Programmable and Extendable

  • Convenient weather-compensated or room temperature-dependent operation of the compact boiler and one heating circuit without mixer
  • Control of the temperature of the hot water tank by controlling the hot water circulation pump and pasteurization
  • Numerous service functions
  • Installation of the RC35 programming unit inside the living space or in the boiler
  • For the control of a hydraulic separator (low loss header) and one heating circuit without mixer (low loss header module WM10)
  • To regulate an additional heating circuit with mixer (mixer module MM10); only in connection with the low loss header module WM10
  • For regulating a solar thermal system for hot water heating (solar module SM10)
  • May be extended with components of the Logamatic telecontrol system for remote monitoring and programming of a heating system